Israel strikes Hamas targets in retaliation to failed rockets from Gaza

Israel-strikes-Hamas-targets-in-retaliation-to-failed-rockets-from-Gaza.  JERUSALEM, The Israeli air force retaliated against a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip by striking two Hamas militant sites in southern Gaza on Thursday.

The Israeli Defense Forces on Thursday said the Israeli air force responded to a rocket attack from Gaza Strip by launching airstrikes on Hamas targets in Rafah, southern Gaza. Photo by Ismael Mohamad/UPI | License Photo

No one was injured in either attack. The rockets launched from Gaza late Wednesday landed within open Israeli territory and no red alert siren was issued.

“Moments ago, a rocket was launched from Gaza and landed in an open area in southern Israel. No injuries reported,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement. “After last night’s rocket attack in S. Israel, IAF struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.”

The rocket attack and retaliation follow a flare-up of violence on the Gaza border earlier this month in which Hamas militants targeted Israeli soldiers in mortar attacks. Israel responded by using tanks and airstrikes. That flare-up was initiated by the Israel Defense Forces discovering a second tunnel Hamas used to breach Israeli territory within two months.

By Andrew V. Pestano