Islamic State widow charged in the death of Kayla Mueller

Islamic-State-widow-charged-in-the-death-of-Kayla-Mueller.     WASHINGTON,  The widow of an Isis senior leader was charged with conspiracy in the 2014 killing of American aid worker Kayla Mueller, officials said Monday.

A newly released affidavit charges a widow of an Islamic State leader of conspiracy in the 2014 killing of American aid worker Kayla Mueller. Mark Van Scyoc /














The newly released affidavit charges 25-year-old Nisreen Assad Ibrahim Bahar, known as Umm Sayyaf with holding Mueller hostage in the days before her death. Sayyaf is currently in Iraqi custody.

Mueller, 26, was kidnapped at gunpoint on her second day in Aleppo, Syria by masked members of the Islamic State in August 2013. She was held in a prison before being transferred to the Sayyafs. The couple also held two other women.

While Mueller was being held captive by the couple, she was repeatedly raped by Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the affidavit read.

Sayyaf who was left in charge of the women when her husband left, “threatened the women, telling them she would kill them if they did not listen to her,” and also “chastised the captives” by calling them “kafir” and “infidels.”

The affidavit continues Sayyaf forced Mueller and the other captivesto watch “violent ISIL propaganda videos” and were sold and traded like slaves to other members of the Islamic State.

Sayyaf’s husband was Abu Sayyaf, the minister for oil and gas for the militant group. He died in a raid by U.S. Special Forces last May. Umm was captured during the raid, then transferrd to Iraqi Kurdish authorities.

By Shawn Price