Islamic State bombing in Baghdad kills 9 ahead of Muslim holiday

 Islamic-State-bombing-in-Baghdad-kills-9-ahead-of-Muslim-holiday. BAGHDAD, At least nine people were killed in Baghdad by an Islamic State car bomb attack in the capital city’s predominantly Shiite Karrada commercial district, local officials said.

The Islamic State struck Baghdad’s district of Karrada in July, killing over 300 people. The militant Islamist group attacked the district again late Monday, killing at least nine. This image shows the aftermath of the truck bombing in July. File Photo by Methak A lShamaree/UPI | License Photo

Baghdad security officials said a pickup truck filled with explosives was detonated shortly before midnight local time. At least 21 people were injured and several businesses were set on fire by the explosion.

In a statement, the Islamic State said it targeted Shiite civilians and managed to carry out the bombing despite increased security in the area.

“A booby-trapped vehicle exploded, at evening yesterday, near Abdel Magied Hospital in Karrada area in central Baghdad, killing and wounding 29 persons. Fire broke out in a number of shops in the areas due to the explosion,” a security official told IraqiNews. “Security force imposed strict procedures and cut off the main road in Karrada. Army and police forces were also deployed in the area.”

Karrada is filled with popular shops and restaurants, usually even more packed lately as the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, or Feast of the Sacrifice, begins next week.

The Islamic State carried out an attack in the same district in July that killed over 300 people.

By Andrew V. Pestano