Images capture young girl calling for father at hospital after airstrike

TALBISEH, Syria,  A scared 8-year-old girl in Syria was caught on video Tuesday shouting for her father as nurses wiped blood off her face from injuries sustained in an airstrike.

An 8-year-old girl in Syria is the second child caught in the violence of that country’s civil war after she appeared frightened and crying for her father while being treated for injuries sustained in an airstrike that destroyed her home. Photo by Talbiseh News Service

The girl, Aya, was treated at the hospital in Talbiseh and reunited with mother, father and three siblings, who were were also treated after being pulled from the rubble of their house after rockets and mortars destroyed it.
Talbiseh, located in northwestern Syria, was targeted by three or four airstrikes, which killed two people and wounded 30, according to the activist group Talbiseh Media Center. Aya and her family were pulled from the rubble of their house, where they hid under a table after hearing nearby explosions.

In the video, posted on Facebook by the Talbiseh Media Center, Aya is sitting in the hospital with blood dripping down her forehead and nose, looking confused and frightened.

While crying, she tells a man her name and that the roof of her home fell on her family before calling for her father.

Aya was later reunited with her family, who were treated for their own injuries, and the family is now looking for a home to replace the one destroyed in airstrikes.

By Stephen Feller