Hong Kong protests continue for seventh week; police fire tear gas at protesters

Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Hong Kong in continued protests against leader Carrie Lam’s government on Sunday.

Riot police shot tear gas at demonstrators protesting actions by police against people participating in earlier protests related to an extradition bill in Hong Kong. Photo by Jerome Favre

Organizers of Sunday’s protests, the Civil Human Rights Front, estimated that 400,000 people participated in the rally seeking an independent investigation into police tactics used in clashes between demonstrators and police in previous protests as well as those who were arrested in those encounters.

Police provided a lower estimate of 138,000 people, as the protests extended into their seventh consecutive weekend.

On Sunday, Hong Kong police deployed tear gas on protesters who marched past a designated endpoint for the rally toward the Chinese government’s liaison office.

The protests came after tens of thousands of pro-police demonstrators gathered in Tamar Park to “safeguard Hong Kong” from anti-extradition protesters.

Hong Kong police on Friday announced they had made the “largest seizure of explosives” and arrested a 27-year-old man on suspicion of possessing explosives and weapons in connection with a raid on a homemade laboratory ahead of the weekend of protests.

The demonstrations began as protests against an extradition bill that people feared would allow citizens to be tried in mainland China but was eventually declared “dead” by Lam. The focus then broadened to calls for more democratic reforms of Hong Kong as well as the investigation into police actions.

ByDaniel Uria