Heat wave breaking record temperatures across Europe

Paris on Thursday joined a growing list of cities that are breaking record temperatures amid Europe’s second blistering heat wave of the summer.

Parisians cool down in the fountains of Trocadero, near the famous Eiffel Tower on June 25. A second heat wave broke Paris’ record high temperature this week. Photo by Ian Langsdon

Following the record warm start to the day, Thursday brought the peak of the deadly heat in France as temperatures in the capital soared to nearly 109 degrees Fahrenheit — breaking the all-time high of 104.7 degrees at Parc Montsouris from more than 70 years ago.

The Netherlands and Germany also registered new records on Thursday. In the Netherlands, temperatures rose to 107.1 degrees at Deelen. In Germany, a high of 106.7 degrees was recorded at Lingen.

Thursday marks the third consecutive day of records falling.

Bordeaux, in southwestern France, reported a record 106.2 degrees, along with several other locations, according to Meteo France. Belgium set a high temperature Wednesday when temperatures soared to 104 degrees in Kleine Brogel.

Record-breaking temperatures are possible in several other major metropolitan areas, including Brussels and Amsterdam on Thursday.

Five deaths have reportedly been linked to the heat wave across France, BBC News reported.

French energy company EDF said it would shut down two nuclear reactors to limit the amount of heating water used to keep the reactors cool.

ByEric Leister and Kristina Pydynowski, Accuweather.com