German police find explosives during raid on bomb attack suspect

CHEMNITZ, Germany, German police discovered explosives during a raid on the apartment of a potential bombing suspect on Saturday.

Police in Germany conducted a major operation in the city of Chemnitz Saturday morning in search of a suspect in a planned bomb attack. The operation focused on ,an apartment block in the Fritz-Heckert district as portions of the city were cordoned off and people were urged to stay in their homes.Photo by Lukassek/Shutterstock

Saxony police tweeted about the explosives following a major operation in the city of Chemnitz due to “suspicion of a planned bomb attack” and called for the area to be evacuated.

“We found explosives in the affected apartment. It is therefore necessary to carry on further evacuation measures at the area,” police wrote.

Police also shared photos of the suspect identified as Jaber Albakr, a 22-year-old Syrian man seen wearing a black sweatshirt.

“The tracing for the suspect is running. However, currently we do not know where he is and what he carries with him. Be careful,” Saxony police said.

No suspect was detained at the scene. Police said they conducted a controlled explosion at the scene as, “a protective measure taken by the police” Saxony Police spokeswoman Kathlen Zink told CNN.

The operation was focused on an apartment block in the Fritz-Heckert district and police tweeted that large areas of the city were cordoned off.

Police advised citizens to remain in their homes and refrain from sharing any photos of the operation while it remained in progress.

“Within the locked area please stay in your homes and follow the instructions of the police (here and on site),” Saxony police wrote, “Please do NOT publish any photos or videos of the police measures. Otherwise you could endanger our operation.”

By Daniel Uria