German air force pilot found dead after jet collision

A pilot died Monday after two German air force jets collided midair during a training exercise.

A pilot died Monday after two Eurofighter Typhoon jets, like the one pictured here, collided in Germany.

The two unarmed airplanes were among a group of three Typhoon jets conducting an “air combat mission” when they collided near the Laage military base, the German airforce’s Team Lutwaffe announced on Twitter.

The third pilot witnessed both of the pilots involved in the collision eject from their jets and deploy their parachutes, but one was later found dead.

The pilot who survived the crash was found hanging from the canopy of a tree and was being treated by emergency services.

After colliding, the two planes crashed about 6 miles away from each other, with one landing in a forest and the other at the edge of a woodland.

All three of the planes were part of the Tactical Air Force Wing 73, which specializes in air defense.

The Luftwaffe denied claims that the jets were armed with explosives, but warned the public to stay away from the sites of the crashes.

Federal Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen praised emergency crews for their role in locating the pilots and rescuing the survivor.

“I thank all the emergency services for helping us at this hour of extreme need,” she said. “And I thank the people for their prudence in accompanying this terrible event.”

ByDaniel Uria