French teen hospitalized after rats attack her in her sleep, father says

A 14-year-old girl with limited mobility was hospitalized in France after rats attacked her in her sleep, leaving the teen with dozens of bites and scratches, her father said.


The girl, identified only as Samantha, was found covered in blood by her father when he woke Saturday morning in the northern French town of Roubaix.
“There was blood coming from her ears — I was terrified that she might have had a brain haemorrhage,” he told the French newspaper Courrier-Picard, as translated by Britain’s The Independent. “She cannot get out of bed. Because of her condition, she is less sensitive to pain than we are.

“She must have felt the rats on her but did not have the presence of mind to call us.”

The girl sustained 30 bites or scratches on her feet, 45 to her face and 150 on her hands and fingers. Her father said the tips of her fingers were bitten off.

The teen tested negative for rabies.

The father, whose name was not reported, filed a complaint against the landlord for negligence. There were overflowing garbage cans nearby the residence.

The family, which includes two other children, has since moved into another home.
By Danielle Haynes