Four Americans held in Bahrain on illegal entry charges

 Four-Americans-held-in-Bahrain-on-illegal-entry-charges.    SITRA , Bahrain,  Four American citizens were arrested on allegations of offering false information at Bahrain’s border, the Bahrain Interior Ministry said Monday.

Bahrain’s Interior Ministry said Monday four Americans, whom the ministry called journalists, were arrested after they allegedly entered the country illegally on tourist visas. Photo courtesy of Bahrain Interior Ministry













Police said the unidentified Americans, three men and a woman, are journalists who entered the country on tourist visas to participate in “attacks on police” as protesters in the country demonstrated to mark the fifth anniversary of an anti-government uprising inspired by the Arab Spring in 2011.

A police statement, which accused one detainee of wearing a mask and participating with “rioters,” said the four “had not registered with the concerned authority and were involved in illegal activities” after they entered the country Feb. 11-12. An Interior Ministry statement said the four are “suspected of offenses including entering Bahrain illegally having submitted false information to border staff, and participating in an unlawful gathering,” noting they “have been afforded full legal rights in line with the kingdom’s procedures and constitution.”

The U.S. Embassy in Bahrain offered no comment except to acknowledge it is aware of the situation.

By Ed Adamczyk