Former Egyptian president’s prison sentence reduced by 15 years

A court in Egypt reduced the prison sentence of former president, Mohamed Morsi, who was charged with leaking highly classified documents.


The Egyptian Court of Cassation issued a final ruling on Saturday, reducing Morsi’s sentences in the espionage case from a combined total of 40 years to 25.
Morsi, 66, and two other defendants were sentenced to life in prison in June 2016 for leaking national security information and documents to Qatar during his presidency.

The court on Saturday dismissed an additional sentence of 15 years handed to Morsi for a different charge in the same espionage case, but upheld the 25-year life sentence.

Morsi is already serving a 20-year sentence for killing protesters during demonstrations in 2012.

The court also confirmed three death sentences against people convicted in the same case.

By Daniel Uria