Former British Home Secretary Amber Rudd won’t run for re-election

Former British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said she will not run for Parliament again in the upcoming Dec. 12 snap election, becoming the 51st member who plans to leave at the end of their term.

Rudd resigned as Conservative whip in September after Prime Minister Boris Johnson expelled 21 party members who opposed his plan to leave the European Union without an agreement. Rudd said she will ask to remain in the body until the election.

“I’m not finished with politics, I’m just not standing at this election,” Rudd said. “I spoke to the prime minister and had a good meeting with him a few days ago. I’m really confident of my position. I will be leaving the House of Commons on perfectly good terms with the prime minister and I want him to succeed.”

Britain polls suggest Johnson faces similar odds as former Prime Minister Theresa May when she called for an election in strengthening her hand to win an EU deal in 2017, but Conservatives lost their majority in Parliament.

Parliament voted Tuesday to hold the vote in December, hoping to break a stalemate over Johnson’s proposed exit deal before the new withdrawal deadline of Jan. 31.

ByClyde Hughes