Food convoys to Aleppo, Syria, stalled at border

food-convoys-to-aleppo-syria-stalled-at-border.  ALEPPO, Syria, Two aid convoys to Aleppo, Syria, remained at the Turkish border Monday, lacking proper security guarantees, officials said.

Convoys of trucks carrying food and humanitarian aid, destined for Aleppo, Syria, have waited on the Syria-Turkey border for a week. Photo courtesy of Alalam, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

The United Nations said the 40 trucks of food and other humanitarian aid, in two convoys of 20 trucks each and carrying adequate supplies to feed 185,000 people for one month, have been held at the border for a week; all sides in the conflict have not offered assurances the trucks can travel safely to the city held by rebels attempting to topple the Syrian government.

 The impasse came as a seven-day cease-fire, brokered by the United States and Russia but interrupted by gunfire and airstrikes, ended Monday. The main road into the city remains held by rebel forces, who say they will pull back when the Syrian army does.
 As many as 275,000 people remain trapped in Aleppo’s battleground, without food, water or medical care, Stephen O’Brien, the U.N. undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs, said.

“They completely wasted time. They had a really good opportunity in the past week, with low casualty numbers and low bombing rates, to be able to send in aid, but we haven’t seen that,” Hadeel al-Shalchi of the activist organization Human Rights Watch told al Jazeera. “We know that the situation is deteriorating quickly. We know that people will begin to starve, as they ration the products that they have in the city at the moment.”

Within the city, buildings have been ruined and children travel with bowls, seeking food from a local charity providing the only available meals, NBC News reportedMonday. It added that, with the tenuous cease-fire over, another round of battles will begin.

By Ed Adamczyk