Flash flood in Italy kills six, including family of four

At least six people, including a family of four, have died after flash flooding Sunday in the Italian port city of Livorno, near Tuscany.


The city was smacked with 10 inches of rain the night before, causing streets to overflow. Livorno Mayor Filippo Nogarin said the death toll could be higher because several people have gone missing, reported Sky News.
The fallen family members include a four-year-old boy, his parents and grandfather who all perished in a basement apartment that flooded during the heavy rains. The grandfather died after saving a young girl and going back into the basement apartment to save the others, reported BBC.

The rainstorm was one of the most severe residents have experienced.

“Livorno has never been so devastated by bad weather,” Nogarin said, according to RTE.

“It’s incredible, incredible. It started around 10 p.m. and continued until this morning. In my living memory, there’s never been anything like this,” said local resident Piero Caturelli.

By Ray Downs