Firing three Katyusha rockets from southern Lebanon into northern Israel

Called three Katyusha rockets Sunday afternoon from southern Lebanon into northern Israel, according to a Lebanese security source told AFP, hours after the announcement of the death of the leader of the Hezbollah, Samir Kuntar Israeli raid near Damascus.

Bassam Kantar when he accepting  Condolences for his  brother Samir in Beirut / / Anwar Amro
Bassam Kantar when he accepting Condolences for his brother Samir in Beirut / / Anwar Amro.












Later, Israel fired nine artillery shells targeted the southern Tyre area, according to the National Agency official media reported in Lebanon.

The security source said “was launched three Katyusha rockets from the southern town of Tyre, about five kilometres from the border with Israel.”

In Israel, the Israeli army said in a statement to “the sound of sirens in the north of Israel,” adding that “according to preliminary information, was launched three rockets and the military operations being considered” to locate the crash.

A reporter told AFP in south Lebanon said an interim international force patrols in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) and the other a Lebanese army carried out widespread in the Tyre area in order to identify the points that have been firing rockets from them.

Later, National News Agency reported on the fall of nine artillery shells fired from the Israeli side on the southern city of Tyre area.

Lebanon and Israel in a state of war, and the Jewish state occupied several parts of southern Lebanon for 22 years before pulling in 2000 and keep its occupation of the area of ​​Shebaa Farms border with the occupied Syrian Golan, which is at loggerheads over whether Lebanese or Syrian.

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