Filmmaker who turned his professional failing into ridicule attacking Kurds at Cannes Festival

By Bahdin Sevo Sindi. Canne France, The New Mail. May 22 . Filmmaker who turned his professional falling into ridicule, attacking Kurds at Cannes Festival   .Ft French philosopher and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Levy’s new film “Peshmerga” within the activities of the 69 sessions of the Cannes Film Festival. Inserting  the movie on Festival, sensation raised on social networks. Knowing that Bernard-Henri Levy had been presented at the same festival in 2012 his film on Libya and named “section of Tobruk,” as had been presented in the nineties film osnia”, who is portrayed with Bosnian President then Izetbegovic .

Wareth Abbas Kwaish
Wareth Abbas Kwaish. Rudaw video screen shoots photo . Edited by The New Mail

Rudaw .A delegation from the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga ministry arrived at the Cannes Film Festival. They were invited to the festival for the screening of a documentary about the Peshmerga, which was written and directed by Bernard-Henri Levy.The Kurdish delegation and filmmakers were welcomed by the General Delegate of the festival, Thierry Fremaux.Two Peshmerga commanders, Sirwan Barzani and Sheikh Jaffar Mustafa, presented the Kurdistan Region’s logo to Fremaux, and pinned a Kurdish flag on him.

Yesterday at the event an Iraqi filmmaker named Wareth Abbas Kwaish, who hasn’t participated in Festival, because the festival committee has refused  his participation in advance.  Wareth raised his voice attacking the French director Bernard-Henri, by using harsh words and racist chants against Kurds and Bernard claiming that the Philosopher Bernard got paid by Kurds to make his movie and accused him as Israeli agent .

A filmmaker who turned his professional falling into ridicule situation on the social media’s pages ,this shows just one thing, that the racist by some Arab intellectuals against other cultures ignores human values, and the inability to peaceful coexistence with Kurds. It is worth mentioning that Kurdistan and Peshmarga force are fighting Isis along 1400 km since 2014, that when Iraqi army has fled and surrendered to the Isis with all it force ,the result was a collapse of Mosul and migrate of more than 1,000,000 Iraqi refugees to Kurdistan . In addition Iraqi government instead of helping their own Arab native people , they cut Kurdistan’s budget since 2014 resulting a huge economic crisis.  Now the Kurds has to choose a loyal friend and to benefit from the past experiences.

By Bahdin Sevo Sindi 

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