Explosions, gunfire reported at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport

Explosions-gunfire-reported-at-Istanbuls-Ataturk-airport.  ISTANBUL, Turkey, Gunfire and explosions were reported at an airport in Turkey on Tuesday, authorities said.

Explosions and gunfire were reported at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday. File Photo by Fedor Selivanov/Shutterstock

At least two blasts were reported at the capital’s Ataturk Airport. The gunfire may have come from a parking lot near the facility and there are some injuries, local news reports said.

Numerous medical and emergency personnel were dispatched to the airport and officials locked down the facility.

The explosions happened just six months after a different airport in Istanbul was attacked and one person was killed.

The U.S. State Department has advised American travelers to exercise caution when in Turkey due to heightened threats.

By Doug G. Ware