Explosion at military range kills 2 Russian troops

Two Russian soldiers were killed Thursday when a military drill in the nation’s northwest Arkhangelsk region led to an explosion, officials said.

The troops were testing a liquid propulsion system at a military range in Nenoksa, Moscow’s defense ministry said. Six others were injured in the blast.

Officials said radiation levels briefly spiked after the explosion in Severodinvsk, but quickly returned to normal.

“Six representatives of the Defense Ministry and of the manufacturer have sustained injuries of varying severity at the scene,” the defense ministry said. “Two specialists died of sustained wounds. All victims were rushed to hospital and provided medical assistance.”

The accident Thursday is the second in three days, after an army ammunition depot exploded in Siberia Tuesday. One person was killed and nearby towns were evacuated. In 2015, a Russian cruise missile veered off course and hit near a settlement in the Arkhangelsk region. No one was hurt in that accident.

ByNicholas Sakelaris