Eurenco continues explosives deal with Saab

Eurenco-continues-explosives-deal-with-Saab.  MASSY, France,  Energetic materials manufacturer Eurenco has renewed its partnership with Saab for the supply of explosives and propellants for anti-tank weapons.

A U.S. soldier fires a Carl Gustaf weapon from Saab. Photo:U.S Army Spc. William Hatton, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Arabian Peninsula.

Saab’s AT4 and Carl Gustaf 84mm munitions are covered under the partnership extension. The transfer of propellant technologies to a key export customer of SAAB for the Carl Gustaf system is also included, the company said.

The explosives and propellants for Saab are manufactured at Eurenco’s plant in Sweden.

Eurenco is headquartered in France. Its propellant range for anti-tank systems include double-base compositions in flakes or strips, as well as rocket motor propellants in rods or tubes. Eurenco also manufactures and markets explosive compositions for high-explosive anti-tank charges and other charges.

By Richard Tomkins