Emirates completes world’s longest direct flight

Emirates-completes-worlds-longest-direct-flight.   AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Emirates completed the world’s longest direct commercial flight Wednesday, when one of its planes flew from Dubai to Auckland.

Emirates completed the world’s longest direct commercial flight Wednesday, in a flight from Dubai, UAE to Auckland, New Zealand. Phot by Chris Parypa Photography/Shutterstock.















The 8,824-mile flight from the United Arab Emirates’ biggest city to New Zealand’s biggest city surpassed the Quantas Sydney, Australia to Dallas, Tx. flight by 250 miles.

The Airbus A380 that made the haul is the world largest passenger plane as well, adding extra distinction to the flight, but it will be a Boeing 777-200LR flying the route from now on.

Emirates expects to open one of the world’s longest flight times this month with service between Dubai and Panama City, lasting 17 hours and 35 minutes. The record for the longest commercial flight time was Singapore Airlines’ route from Singapore to Newark, N.J. that took almost 19 hours.

The airline is confident it can maintain fuel-efficient and cost effective routes for the long trip.

“Emirates will be using flexible routes, which can vary by day, taking advantage of tail winds and avoiding head winds to reduce the time in the air,” the airline said.

Emirates said it will be offering “gourmet meals and fine wines” and “more than 2,000 channels of entertainment and information” on individual screens to help passengers pass the hours.

By Shawn Price