Emergency plane landing kills 2 on Portuguese beach

A small plane made an emergency landing on a crowded beach in Portugal on Wednesday, killing two sunbathers, maritime authorities said.

Emergency services inspect a plane that landed in an emergency on Sao Joao beach on Costa de Caparica in Almada, Portugal, on Wednesday. Two people were killed, a 50-year-old man and an 8-year-old girl after a light plane made an emergency landing on a crowded beach. The two crew members of the plane were unharmed and are interrogated by the authorities. Photo by Andre Kosters/EPA

The plane landed on a beach in Caparica, 20 miles south of Lisbon, killing an 8-year-old girl and a 50-year-old man on the beach.

The two occupants of the aircraft were uninjured, the Portuguese maritime authority said.
Maritime police, rescue swimmers and emergency medical vehicles responded to the scene.
By Danielle Haynes