El Al Israel flight to Tel Aviv escorted by Swiss jets over bomb threat

TEL AVIV, Israel, Two Swiss Air Force F-18 fighter jets on Tuesday briefly escorted El Al Israel Airlines flight LY002 en route to Tel Aviv over a bomb threat.


The flight departed from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Boeing 747 landed safely in Tel Aviv without delay. The jets were scrambled after U.S. aviation authorities received an “anonymous tip about a bomb inside an airplane kitchenette,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said.

No suspicious devices were found after the flight landed. The plane was flying above the Swiss-French border when the fighter jets were scrambled. The F-18s returned to base after the El Al flight left Swiss airspace and the flight continued to Tel Aviv.

“The Americans updated Swiss authorities while the plane was in Swiss airspace, and the Swiss scrambled fighter jets to escort the plane,” the ministry added. “An examination showed the plane was ‘clean’ and it continued its journey as usual.”

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