Dutch arrest French man, foil possible terror plot

    ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Dutch police have arrested a Frenchman suspected of “involvement in planning a terror attack,” Dutch prosecutors said Sunday.

Dutch arrest French man, foil possible terror plot
Dutch police arrested an unidentified Frenchman whom French police suspect was involved in a terror plot. The arrest came on the same day Dutch police arrested three others as part of an investigation that police have not said is directly related to the attacks in Brussels last week. Photo Lynx_V/Shutterstock



















The unidentified man, 32, whose arrest came at the request of France, was taken into custody in Rotterdam and will soon be extradited to France.

The arrest was accomplished as part of a joint operation between Dutch intelligence and an anti-terrorism police squad working with prosecutors, authorities said.

The suspect’s name came out as part of a French investigation. Three others have also been arrested, two of whom are said to be of Algerian decent. The third man’s identify was not announced.

Earlier in the day, another Algerian man was arrested in Italy on suspicion of producing fake documents for the Paris and Brussels attackers.

By Shawn Price