DRS Technologies, Roboteam partner for Army program

 DRS-Technologies-Roboteam-partner-for-Army-program.  ARLINGTON, Va., DRS Technologies Inc and Roboteam Ltd have partnered to develop a joint solution for the U.S. Army’s Common Robotic System – Individual program.

A ground robot designed by Roboteam used in counter-mine, counter-IED missions. Photo: Roboteam.

The emerging CRS-I program is to provide dismounted troops with the ability to conduct lower-level reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition; and to remotely perform chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection.

Additional capabilities sought are the remote clearing of danger areas and the conducting of explosive obstacle counter-measure operations; and conducting of explosive ordnance disposal operations from a standoff distance.

“We are excited to work with Roboteam to offer our customer a world-class robotic solution that provides dismounted troops with a superior capability to detect and mitigate threats,” said Joseph Matteoni, vice president and general manager of DRS Sustainment Systems, Inc.

Roboteam — a subsidiary of an Israeli company — designs, develops and manufactures unmanned platforms and controllers for the military and law enforcement.

DRS Technologies is a leading technology company and supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors.

By Richard Tomkins