Dozens killed by Islamic State suicide bombings in Iraq and Yemen

 Dozens-killed-by-Islamic-State-suicide-bombings-in-Iraq-and-Yemen.   MUKALLA, Yemen,  Two suicide bombing attacks by the Islamic State at a gas plant in Iraq and a police recruitment center in Yemen killed a total of nearly 40 people and left many more wounded on Sunday.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for two separate suicide bombings in Iraq and Yemen that killed at least 14 and 25 people respectively. The first targeted a gas factory north of Baghdad. Three car bombs explode outside and six men with explosive belts attempted to rush the factory, burning three storage units. In the second, a suicide bomber detonate explosives while standing in a line of police recruits in the city of Mukalla, an al-Qaida stronghold.Photo by Oleg Zabielin/Shutterstock






















The first attack on a Taji gas factory north of Baghdad killed 14 people and injured 20 others when three car bombs exploded outside of the gate of the plant. Six men wearing explosive belts ran into the building and blew up the gas tanks.

“Three gas storage units were burnt during the attack and civil defense forces managed to extinguish the fire,” Baghdad Operations Command Saad Maan said in a statement, according to Rudaw.

CNN reported,seven of the people killed in the attack were police officers.

A second attack took place outside of a police station in Mukalla, Yemen when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives while standing in a line of police recruits. At least 25 were recruits were killed and about 25 others were injured.

The port city of Mukalla in southern Yemen is a stronghold for IS rival al-Qaida and has been the target of previous IS attacks.

The IS, also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh, claimed responsibility for both attacks.

By Daniel Uria