Dozens killed in Islamic State suicide bombing in Baghdad

BAGHDAD,  A suicide bomber targeting a group of Shiite mourners in Baghdad killed dozens and wounded dozens more Saturday.

A suicide bomber killed more than 30 people and injured another 60 in Baghdad, Iraq on Saturday. The Islamic State claimed responsibility. Image courtesy Google Maps

Various media reports have put the death count at between 34 and 41 people, with another 60 people hurt. The terrorist group the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bombing took place inside a tent that had been set up inside a crowded market in the northern Baghdad district of Shaab. The tent was filled with mourners commemorating the death of a local resident and observing the Muslim tradition of memorializing the killing of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussein in the 7th Century.

The attack occurred during lunchtime when the tent was crowded with people.

By Eric DuVall