Dozens dead in Iraq after Baghdad mall attack, explosions elsewhere

BAGHDAD,  More than two dozen people were killed in multiple terror attacks in Iraq on Monday — including one in which several Isis militants attacked Baghdad’s al-Jawhara shopping mall.

Dozens dead in Iraq after Baghdad mall attack, explosions elsewhere
Several people were killed Monday when Islamic State militants stormed Baghdad’s al-Jawhara shopping mall and started a two-hour gun battle. Explosions elsewhere in the country killed dozens more on Monday. File photo by Ali Jasim/UPI | License Photo.














The mall attack began at the retail center when a car bomb exploded there, officials said. Two suicide bombers also detonated explosives at the mall’s entrance, which is located in the city’s New Baghdad district.

The attack prompted police to dispatch helicopters over the scene and place snipers on nearby rooftops. A gun battle lasted for roughly two hours, officials said.

Officials said most of the people who were killed died by the blast of the initial car bomb. Five of the dead were members of security forces and about 40 people were wounded.

“The scene was terrible, and I will never forget it because of the child,” said Haitham Ali, who was near the attack and carried away a child killed by one of the bombers.

The Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the assault via social media and claimed four of its militants were involved. It also threatened additional violence.

Several others were killed and wounded in separate explosions in Baghdad and Muqdadiyah Monday.

Iraq has recently been an active battleground between the terror group and Iraqi and U.S. forces. The allied troops wrested away control of Ramadi from the group last month and continues to try and do the same in Mosul.

By Andrew V. Pestano and Doug G. Ware