Delivery drivers are taking hilariously awkward photos of people with their parcels

New social distancing measures have changed the way drivers traditionally deliver parcels – and it’s resulted in an unexpected new trend.

For their own and customer safety, drivers are now being asked to take photos to prove a parcel has been delivered – instead of obtaining a signature. 

Of course – with it being a relatively new measure – most recipients have no idea what’s going on as they open the door to their package.

The result? Some incredible photos of residents caught off-guard on their doorsteps.

But the best part is that people have taken to Twitter to share their hilarious photos with the world. 

Holly Saynor was the first person to share an email sent by Hermes, which featured a picture of her in a dressing gown as she retrieved her package.

Her tweet – which has since racked up over 188,000 likes and more than 470 comments – simply reads: ‘Hermes proper f*cked me off yesterday.’

Others were quick to post their own hilarious parcel photos, like Adam Dixon, who was surprised to find a driver photographing him as he picked up his ASOS delivery.

Adam told ‘I was just like shocked and embarrassed with myself because I picked it [the package] up and it was taken before he could even tell me that I didn’t need to be in the picture.’

Jasmine Silver was another to share her experience on the Twitter thread. She was snapped after a driver dropped off some huge boxes containing an armchair and a footstool.

Jasmine said: ‘It was double my size and very heavy so when I looked up and saw him taking a photo of me trying to lift it I was horrified. When I opened the tracking app and saw the photo I laughed for ages.’

Stevie Kilgour also shared his doorstep photo and says it reminds him of a paparazzi snap.

Stevie felt like he was a celebrity (Picture: Stevie Kilgour)

He said: ‘Opening the door I felt papped – then seeing the photo is probably the closest I’ll ever get to feeling like a celebrity at home, hiding from a scandal.’