Declare formal support for the idea of Kurdistan as an independent country if its people wish it to become one.

london, July 13, The New Mail, Kurdistan is currently an autonomous region in the north of Iraq, which has sought independent status since the early twentieth century.












It is currently independent of Baghdad’s control in all but name, because of the conflict in the surrounding region. Its Peshmerga forces play a key role in protecting the stability of the region and combatting ISIS (Daesh).

However, its international partners have repeatedly declared their commitment to it remaining part of a “united Iraq” despite the wishes of Kurdistan’s people. The mistaken belief that this would increase stability creates further conflict, deepens political divisions with Baghdad, and ignores the right of peoples to self-determination in international law.

We believe that an independent Kurdistan would help to provide stability in the ongoing conflict in Iraq and Syria, would provide a clear homeland for a people who have often been oppressed by the surrounding states (and subjected to attempted genocide in Iraq), and would undo some of the damage done by the British role in partitioning the region after the First World War.

A formal declaration of support (in principle) by the UK government would help to make it possible for Kurdistan to move forward with the process of independence, allowing it to be more certain of international recognition post-independence, and helping to offset some of the damaging insistences on a “united Iraq.”

The UK government to endorse the KRG request of independence at UN level.
Kurdistan government has signalled it wish to get Kurdistan region of Iraq to become an independent state. To achieve it, it will need countries such as UK to endorse and support this wish as well as assist in advocating it.

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The Kurdistan regional government has demonstrated incredible ability to learn an effective and democratic governance system. Recently it has also demonstrated to have a well discipline and professional army and security services in fighting the ISIS.

On the other side ongoing disagreement with Iraqi central government on funding and on sharing of oil production revenue are harming the sustainability of all achievements as well as affecting Kurdistan to achieve its development potential.

In an effort to rally support for Kurdistan independence, political activist Rizgar ali kourshid has created and posted a petition online.

Support Kurdish Independence

Please sign the petition. Your support to Kurdistan is deeply appreciated.

“We must act today, We’re wasting our time trying to deal with Baghdad, It’s better to call for independence today”

To voice your support, please click on the link below and sign the petition:

By Davan Yahya Khalil