Danish sub owner says missing Swedish reporter died in accident

The inventor of a private submarine told a Copenhagen court Monday that missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall died in an accident aboard the craft.


Wall and Danish inventor Peter Madsen were aboard his 40-ton privately-built submarine earlier this month when it abruptly sank.

Madsen, 46, was rescued and later charged with negligent manslaughter after Wall was not found aboard the sub.

In court Monday, Madsen said he buried Wall’s body at sea at an undisclosed location in Koge Bay, near Copenhagen. She had been researching a story on Madsen and his submarine. Her body is now the focus of a search in the bay.

The court case is being conducted behind closed doors, but Madsen’s explanation was released at the request of both defense and prosecution attorneys.

Wall, 30, was last seen boarding the submarine on Aug. 10. Madsen was arrested after he initially told police he dropped Wall off in Copenhagen after the submarine ride, but police said they found discrepancies in his story.

Police now believe Masden deliberately sunk the submarine and then abandoned it, the BBC reported Monday.
By Ed Adamczyk