Czech Republic orders Schiebel mini mine detectors

VIENNA,  The Czech Republic has ordered 100 MIMIDTM miniature mine detectors from Schiebel, the company announced Thursday.


The Czech Ministry of Defense has ordered and deployed the one-piece, man-portable, lightweight mine detector in the past, Schiebel said in a statement.

The value of the contract was not disclosed.

More units will be needed in the future to ensure safe movement protection against improvised explosive devices for dismounted and mechanized units, the company said.

With its ability to detect mines with only minimal metal content, the MIMIDTM is suited for special operations where soldiers need to carry heavy equipment loads in remote areas with little logistical support.

The unit can be folded up and carried on a soldier’s web belt, in a side pant pocket or in a rucksack.

It also features a headphone socket and internal speaker, which automatically mutes when the external headphone is connected.

An LED bar indicator enhances the ability to locate the exact center of a mine.

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