China’s Li calls for free trade, no protectionism

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called for free trade at the expense of protectionism on Tuesday after an economic summit in Beijing.


“There are increased positive factors in the global economy and signs of warming-up in some aspects. But at the same time, the fragility persists and unstable and uncertain factors are still increasing. Free trade is a good medicine for resolving problems. Through free trade, we can resolve many problems in the difficult recovery, help companies transform and give consumers more choices,” Li said.
His comments came at the end of the 1 + 6 Roundtable, which included chiefs of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the Financial Stability Board, among others.

“The challenges arising from trade protectionism remain a concern against the backdrop of slow global growth and the slow recovery of the world economy in recent years. We will continue to fight against all forms of protectionist measures, with a view to building a favorable environment for trade and investment among all economies,” a post-summit joint press release read in part.

Li’s comments could be considered a taunt at President Donald Trump, Sky News reported.

Trump has advocated a protectionist economic policy and has repeatedly suggested that the United States shoulders an unfair financial burden in international economic deals.

By Ed Adamczyk