Children among dead in Aleppo, Syria, hospital airstrike

 Children-among-dead-in-Aleppo-Syria-hospital-airstrike. ALEPPO, Syria,  Children were among the 15 people who died Tuesday in a series of airstrikes that destroyed a hospital in Aleppo, Syria, officials said.


The bombings occurred in Aleppo’s Maadi, Haidariya and Shaar districts. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported children were among the dead in hospital attack.

The Syrian Civil Defense volunteer rescue group said two unguided bombs, suspected to be barrel bombs, were dropped in the Shaar district — where it said a hospital was destroyed.

The Independent Doctors Association, a self-described cross-border Syrian humanitarian organization, said an airstrike destroyed one floor of a children’s hospital in Aleppo.

It is unclear who is responsible for the bombings but Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has been making efforts to regain control of the city. Aleppo is divided as the government controls the western half of the city and rebels groups hold the east.

On Tuesday, Assad promised to “liberate every inch of Syria” from terrorists — a term used by the Assad regime to define all hostile forces in Syria, including rebel groups and the Islamic State.

“Our only option is victory, otherwise Syria will not survive,” Assad said.

Turkey has strongly condemned Assad’s government and Russia’s involvement in the Syrian civil war, calling on the international community to act against Damascus and Moscow’s “indefensible crimes” including the airstrikes carried out by both.

The Physicians for Human Rights group reports about 740 medical workers have been killed in more than 360 attacks targeting hospitals and other medical facilities since the start of the Syrian civil war.

By Andrew V. Pestano