Canadian water park fights human rights complaint against topless ban

The owner of two popular water parks in Canada has refused to allow women to go topless in his parks, despite a human rights complaint over topless bans filed in Canadian court.


The complaint was filed earlier this month and argues that the city of Cornwall’s ban on topless women in public pools violates human rights on the basis of gender discrimination.

The complaint specified seven hotel chains with public pools that operate in Cornwall, as well as the Calypso water park, owned Louis Massicotte, the CEO of Groupe Calypso Valcartier.

Despite the complaint, Massicotte said he will maintain the policy in his business.
“We work on an experience for our customers, and we think that toplessness should not be involved in this experience,” said Louis Massicotte, the CEO of Groupe Calypso Valcartier, which runs water parks in Ontario and Quebec. “We are an amusement park for kids and families and we want to stay with that mission.”

By Ray Downs