Canadian cop loses grenade launcher, asks public for help finding it

A Canadian police officer lost a grenade launcher and a box of grenades when the weapons fell out of his truck and asked the public for help finding them.








A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer was driving outside of Vancouver Sunday when a motorist got his attention to let him know that the truck’s rear hatch was open, reported Metro News.

The RCMP officer got out to close the door and found that he was missing a 40mm less-than lethal tactical launcher, a box of grenades, and some electronic equipment.
Police immediately set out to canvass the area to find the missing tactical weapon, which can fire six grenades in three seconds and was “manufactured with the needs of the modern tactical team at the forefront.”

The weapon is intended for “riot control, crowd control or breaching operations,” according to the manufacturer website. But it can also be used to fire lethal munitions “as a safety factor.”

The officer is a member of the RCMP’s Integrated Emergency Response Team.

“A thorough search of the area was immediately conducted but the items have yet to be located,” Staff Sgt. Annie Linteau said Monday. “We are very concerned about the loss of these items and are doing all we can to locate them. We ask anyone who locates these items to refrain from handling them and to call police immediately.”

But on Monday night, after approximately 36 hours with the grenade launcher unaccounted for and a topic of concern for many in the Vancouver area, a Good Samaritan found the equipment and alerted authorities.

The weapons have “been located … as a result of media coverage,” Linteau said. Police “confirmed all the missing items are accounted for.”

An investigation is ongoing as to how the RCMP officer misplaced the grenade launcher.

By Ray Downs