Brief description of the use of Kurds for the interests of major powers with false promises since 1806

Brief description of the use of Kurds for the interests of major powers false promises since 1806


Russia’s first state deceived the Kurds
In the recent era or “era of happiness” in the Ottoman Empire, Kurds lived like other nationalities freely, with their cultures, religions and languages.
With the beginning of the weakness of the Ottoman Empire, Russia sought to support the secessionist movements in three regions and wanted to tear up the Ottoman Empire. It moved the Slavs in the Balkans, the Armenians in the Caucasus and the East, and the Kurds in the east and south-east. And worked to mobilize against the Ottoman Empire.
The first rebellion began with the departure of Abdul Rahman Pasha in 1806. Until 1921, two rebellions appeared and were brutally suppressed.
The Roman Caesar, who gave a promise to Serbs in the Balkans to independence and build a nation-state, gave the Kurds the same promise.
In fact, Russia wanted the Balkans and the Caucasus for themselves, and used the Kurds to pressure the Ottoman Empire, and then left them then live the most difficult real tragedy, which was the reason.

British Kurds .. Trick “Sever”
The Turks were once again used as part of plans for the partition of the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. This time the user is the English. I promise the Kurds to build an independent state in the Treaty of Sever (Article 62 and 64).
According to this article, Sheikh Mahmoud Barzani himself declared governor of Kurdistan in the city of Sulaymaniyah in 1922. Printed money and postage stamps. The British in Iraq blasted this declaration of independence by the bombing of Sulaymaniyah in Iraq, which was under its tutelage.
Insurgencies begin in Turkey at the same time. The Kurds took out 25 rebellions between 1924 and 1940. The Republic has brutally suppressed them through the Independence Courts and the “Restitution” Act. The Kurds then entered into a big debate for many years, denying culture and identity.

The English who were moving this rebellion from under the table, what they would never allow in Iraq under their tutelage. The British initially killed the Barzani family, and then all the Kurds who had been forced to approach the oil fields.
When the Kurds saw the bombs they had received from the British planes, they understood the “Sever” promise, but they were late.
Britain’s goal was to take the oil regions, such as Mosul and Kirkuk, under its control, and to use the Kurdish rebellion to pressure Turkey, making it accept what it wanted, and achieved what it wanted.

Drama of the Republic of Mahabad Kurdish
The first and last state founded by the Kurds was called “Mahabad”. It was established in Iranian territory and was 11 months old.
The British and the Russians again tricked the Kurds by tricking the independence of the Kurdish state to occupy Iran. Russia used the threat of the Kurdish state as a means of reducing the southeastern Iran it occupied.
After Russia and Britain agreed with Iran by force, both countries gave up the Kurds, then Iran entered Mahabad, burned the Kurdish state bloody, and hanged the members of the declared government, killing hundreds of people.

American use of Kurds
After the military coup in Iraq in the 1960s, and the beginning of instability, the Kurdish freedom and independence was moved again. This time, the engine and fan of the insurgency was America. Mustafa Barzani ended the agreement with Russia and agreed with the Americans, while Russia put its hand in Saddam’s hands to confront the Kurds.
America supported the Kurds through the Shah of Iran, by all means and weapons to confront the Baath Party regime. The Kurds certainly believed they were just around the corner from gaining independence with an army of more than 120,000 troops.
Iran, on the one hand, supported the Kurds with weapons to confront Iraq, and held meetings with Saddam’s regime on the other. The way was Turkey.

The Shah of Iran told Ihsan Sabri Chglaianjil; if Iraq does not insist on the Arab dam, it will withdraw support from the Kurds. Because Iraq was forced, it accepted Iran’s request.
Suddenly, Iran cut off support for the Kurds, and Barzani wrote dramatic letters to then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, so as not to leave them alone. However, the situation has not changed.
America helped the Kurds for the sake of the Shah of Iran, who got what he wanted, and tricked the Kurds again.
In the 1970s, Barzani surrendered himself, scattered his army, and took weapons.
People who are fooled all the time
By handing over Barzani in the 1970s, the Kurdish movement was divided. Talabani in Iraq and Abdullah Ocalan appeared in Turkey.
After that date, it became impossible to know who, for what purpose, the divided Kurds were using. Germany, France, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria, America, Russia and China all used the Turks for various periods and purposes and then abandoned them.
Since they first raised their heads in the face of the Ottoman Empire in 1806, the Kurds living in exile led hundreds of wars and rebellions and never reached the Kurdish state they promised.
Only thousands of Kurds were killed, thousands were denied, and they were taken away from their homes and homelands.
America used the Kurds to confront Saddam, and there was a massacre in Halabji in 1988. The pain was unforgettable among all that was said.
Now Russia and America are using the Kurds again in Syrian Kurdistan and deceiving them in an independent Kurdish state.

Bahdin Sevo Sindi