Bombs explode at Dresden, Germany, mosque, conference center

DRESDEN , Germany,  A mosque and a convention center in Dresden, Germany, were struck by small homemade explosives, damaging both buildings.

The door of a Dresden, Germany, mosque shows indications of a homemade explosive Monday. A similar explosive device detonated at the city’s convention center. Screenshot from YouTube

The bombs exploded in front of both buildings Monday evening, about one-half hour apart. There were no injuries. Police say they believe the bomb at the city’s International Congress Center was timed to coincide with this weekend’s “Day of German Unity” celebrations, marking the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification of the country.

“Although no one has come to us claiming responsibility, we have reason to suspect a xenophobic motive. At the same time, we certainly see a connection to the upcoming celebrations for German unification day,” said police commissioner Horst Kretzschmar. “These events will certainly impact our current plans for patrolling [prior to the celebration]. As of right now we are working in crisis mode.” {link: The first bomb: “″ target=”_blank”} exploded at the mosque, and neighboring mosques and an Islamic cultural center were provided additional police protection.

Dresden is the founding place of PEGIDA, a German anti-Islamic movement, and the city has been criticized for its far-right politics. The bombings Monday occurred immediately after a PEGIDA march through the city.

By Ed Adamczyk