Bomb on government employee bus kills 16 in Pakistan

 Bomb-on-government-employee-bus-kills-16-in-Pakistan.  PESHAWAR, Pakistan,  A bomb on a bus taking government employees to work killed at least 16 people Wednesday in Peshawar, Pakistan, police said.

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Police said suspects remotely detonated the explosive device hidden in a toolbox on the bus, injuring 30 people, eight critically. The explosion broke windows in nearby buildings, though no injuries to bystanders were reported.

The bus regularly takes government workers to Peshawar, the capital of northwestern Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, from the city of Mardan, about 40 miles away.

“About 50 government employees were present inside the bus that was hired to pick them up and carry them to their office in Peshawar,” Police Superintendent Kashif Zulfiqar said.

No insurgent group took immediate responsibility for the incident. Numerous militant groups operate in the area and across the nearby border in Afghanistan. The area has been the home of the Pakistani Taliban since it was removed from government in 2004.

A suicide bomber killed 13 people and himself on March 8 at a court complex in Charsadda, about 20 miles away.

By Ed Adamczyk