Billboards with Melania Trump pulled in Croatia after legal threat

Billboards around Croatia featuring an image of Melania Trump — advertising an English-language school — have been taken down after threats from the first lady’s lawyers.


The billboards advertised for the American Institute in Zagreb, and included the phrase, “Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.”
Melania Trump was born in Slovenia.¬†An attorney for the first lady ultimately demanded the removal of the billboards, and the school complied. They were replaced with a reference to the original slogan: “Invest in your English and billboards. People love a good billboard.”

Trump’s hometown of Sevnica has cashed in on tie-ins to the first lady’s new prominence. The town saw a 30 percent increase in tourism last year.

Sevnica tours include views of her childhood home, a school she attended and the clothing factory where her mother worked. A local restaurant also has desserts named in her honor.

By Ed Adamczyk