Belgian pilot falls out of helicopter without parachute during air demonstration

A Belgian pilot with no parachute died during a regiment open day demonstration Sunday, according to reports.


The pilot, who has not been named by authorities, fell out of an Agusta A109 helicopter while his co-pilot was looking out the window to make sure three paratroopers in the demonstration landed safely, reported the Telegraph.
It is not yet known if the pilot jumped or fell out of the helicopter, which was flying at a height of more than 1,300 meters.

The pilot’s body fell into a heavily wooded area in the Belgian province of Liege, near the town of Huy, according to the BBC. Searchers took more than a day to find the pilot’s body, having to suspend the search once nightfall came on Sunday night.

The search team, which consisted of more than 50 people, including a diving team, dogs and a helicopter with thermal imaging equipment, finally found the missing pilot Monday.

An autopsy will be conducted, but the results will not be final until Tuesday.

The incident is under investigation.

By Ray Downs