Baghdad bombing death toll rises to 250

BAGHDAD, The death toll from Sunday’s suicide bombing of a Baghdad market rose to 250, Iraq’s health ministry confirmed Wednesday.


Another 200 people were injured in the blast, in which an explosives-laden vehicle detonated in a crowded shopping area of the city’s Karrida district. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the incident. Many of the victims were burned beyond recognition in the fire following the explosion, Health Minister Adila Hamoud said, and their identification may take up to 45 more days.

The attack angered many Baghdad residents, who see the incident as the failure of security forces in the fight against IS, and accuse Iraqi government officials of caring more about corruption than the safety of citizens. Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban resigned Tuesday, saying the car carrying the explosives traveled from Iraq’s eastern Diyala province, indicating it passed through security checkpoints as it traveled to Baghdad. Ghabban referred to the city’s checkpoints as “absolutely useless.”

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