BAE reports Striker II helmet testing success

LONDON, BAE Systems’ Striker II Helmet-Mounted Display has completed the second phase of Eurofighter Typhoon integration trials, the company announced Monday.


The testing at the company’s U.K. facilities demonstrated seamless integration between the helmet array and the jet, validating that the system can be used with existing aircraft, regardless of whether the jet’s electronics systems are analogue-based or digital, BAE said in a statement.
Striker II offers a plug-and-play integration with existing aircraft, proven by the Typhoon testing, which required no physical aircraft hardware modification, the company said.

The latest trials build on 2015 tests which proved the maturity of the system’s digital night vision technology.

The display allows pilots to engage high-precision target tracking while providing high levels of situational awareness in any lighting condition, eliminating the need for separate night vision googles, BAE said.

Striker II builds on the capabilities of the original Striker Helmet-Mounted Display, which is already in service on the Typhoon.

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