Amazon shows off its newest delivery drone

SEATTLE,  Amazon has released a video demonstrating its innovations in delivering packages using drones.

  YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot

The 55-pound drones, called Amazon Prime Air, fly below a threshold of 400 feet, are capable of carrying parcels of up to 5 pounds and employ “sense and avoid” technology to evade potential obstacles. They can fly at 55 mph for over 15 miles, the video’s narrator, Jeremy Clarkson of the television program “Top Gear,” says.

The new drone is larger than those used in prior test demonstrations. It is able to find an appropriate landing spot — a section of a customer’s lawn identified for Amazon deliveries, for example.

“This design enables it to fly long distances efficiently and go straight up and down in a safe, agile way. It is one of many prototype vehicles we have developed. One day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road,” an Amazon spokesman said.

Hurdles still to be overcome involve urban deliveries and power lines. Amazon says delivery by drone will begin when it has the necessary “regulatory support.”


By Ed Adamczyk