Alligator approaches Everglades hovercraft, allows tour guide to touch its head

EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK, Fla., A hovercraft tour guide in the Florida Everglades was filmed calling to an alligator and touching the curious reptile on its head.


The video, recorded Saturday by a tourist on a hovercraft in the Everglades, shows the alligator swimming near the craft while the tour guide rambles off some alligator facts.

The tour guide calls to the alligator, which approaches the boat.

“You’re making me nervous, mister,” a woman on the hovercraft says. “Please be careful.”

The tour guide points out how the alligator’s snout and neck identify it as a male.

The alligator allows the man to touch it on the head and snout. It opens its mouth repeatedly, but doesn’t seem to be trying to bite the man.
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