Afghan special forces free 60 hostages from Taliban

Afghan-special-forces-free-60-hostages-from-Taliban.    NOWZAD, Afghanistan,  Afghan special forces freed 60 prisons held in a makeshift Taliban prison in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, according to the U.S.-led mission.

More than 60 hostages held by the Taliban were freed from a makeshift jail in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. Google map















The rescue mission, taking place in a Helmand province, was carried out overnight by Afghanistan’s counter-terrorism unit and commando forces, according to a statement. NATO said its troops had “supported their Afghan partners in a train, advise and assist role.”

Two Taliban members were killed and several were detained.

In December, 40 hostages were released in a similar operation.

No details were released on the latest free hostages, who were taken to Kandahar for debriefing.

Approximately 10,000 U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan, including 3,000 in a counter-terrorism role.

The Taliban controls large portions of Helmand province.


By Allen Cone