U.K. fighters gather for World Gravy Wrestling Championship

LANCASHIRE, England, More than 20 competitors gathered at a pub in England to battle each other in a pool of gravy for the World Gravy Wrestling Championships.


The Rose ‘N’ Bowl Pub, which hosted the event, shared photos of the competitors as they fought to determine the top gravy wrestler and raise funds for East Lancashire Hospice.

“The Weather is fine and the Gravy is wet,” the World Gravy Wrestling Championships Facebook page wrote on the day of the event. “A Fun Family day filled with hilarious wrestling moves and costumes in a thick Lancashire Gravy.”

According to the BBC, hundreds of people watched as 16 men and eight women participated in two minute bouts inside a padded 14 foot by 13 foot to determine a champion.

Event organizer Andy Holt said the competition is “harder than it looks” and admitted that the aim of the competition is not necessarily designed to determine the best fighter.

“The points system is more about entertainment,” he said. “It is crazy, but it is all about having fun and it is for a great cause.”
By Daniel Uria