THAT’S RUBBISH! Drivers to be fined up to £150 for littering — even if their PASSENGERS dump rubbish from a window

CAR owners will be fined for littering, even if a passenger dumps rubbish from a window. From today, maximum on-the-spot penalties rise from £80 to £150 under updated council powers. Graffiti daubers face the same fines.


One in seven motorists admit hurling rubbish with 200,000 sacks of litter removed from English roads every year — at a cost of £700million.

Nine out of ten back harsher penalties. It is hoped the crackdown will help tackle the coffee cups, fast food wrapping, nappies and cigarette ends which litter roadsides and motorway verges.

Cleaning up garbage from streets cost taxpayers an eye-watering £700million last year.

Under the changes, local councils will be able to fine a car-owner if it can be proved litter was thrown from their motor – even the culprit was somebody else.

The AA’s Edmund King said: “Rubbish from vehicles spoils the environment, costs millions and puts road workers at risk when they clear it up.”

Environment minister Thérèse Coffey said: “We want to be the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than we found it.”

The increased fines are part of a range of measures to tackle garbage, including a ban on microbeads, proposals to extend the 5p plastic carrier bag charge and moves to introduce a deposit return scheme for bottles.

Many people who chuck rubbish out of car window get away with it because it is difficult to prove who was responsible.

But the new measures mean vehicle owners will automatically be responsible if anyone throws litter from the car – taking away the need to catch the culprit in the act.